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While it would seem like common sense, I guess it’s still good to drive the idea home as much as possible. This is all stuff that you’ve probably heard before, but I did find it interesting that they mentioned how nutritional supplements are not all they’re cracked up to be. At least some of them. I think the key point in regards to taking supplements during treatment is to talk to your oncologist. Before I was diagnosed I regularly took a multi-vitamin and was dabbling with the idea of getting some extra Vitamin D in my system just because. I also took a fish oil supplement every day and a “super food” one as well. My oncologist and I sat down and went over everything I had been taking and she let me know which ones might interfere with my treatment. I pretty much knocked out all of the supplements that I had been taking once I started treatment. Certain things can interfere with radiation and chemo so it’s good to start that conversation early on and get as much information as you can about everything. Remember, knowledge is power!! I know that one of the things that made me feel the most in control of the disease was getting as much information as I could on anything that was happening or going to happen and trying to suss it all out from there. Cancer can seem so completely out of your control, and in many ways it is, but you can take control of what you learn and what you do with that information. 

I think the bottom line is that it’s always good to get as many nutrients as you can from real food and then boost yourself up with other supplements if you feel you really need to. But again, if you’re going through treatment talk to your oncologist first. And don’t sweat the whole exercise thing until after you’ve gone through the hard stuff. Get through what you have to get through. One day at a time. Then you can get back to stretching, walking, running, yoga… whatever feels right for you! 

Speaking of which, I need to get my lazy butt back in gear sometime soon. Guess there’s no real supplement for exercise…

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